The Quantum Leap mission is to work with client teams to deliver
the step change that improves long term business fortunes.


About Quantum Leap

The Quantum Leap way of working is equally simple; it’s about putting the client team role at the heart of the business success story to give the business and its staff the confidence, skills, and experience to continue to improve, and to provide a strong and lasting legacy of success.


ALIGNING stakeholders and impacted teams to a common vision.

Setting a clear destination and route map to maximise opportunity for business success


EMPOWERING and leading teams to deliver complex transformation.

Maximising value of resources to improve efficiency and effectiveness of outcomes



  • Fine tuning business strategy
  • Enhancing preparation
  • Assertive execution
  • Excellence in training
  • Crystal clear communications
  • Seamless handover

Why Quantum Leap?

We appreciate that businesses need to deliver challenging transformation right first time to survive and grow, and in this challenging climate it often isn’t right to bring a whole external team in to support you.

At Quantum Leap, as part of our delivery process we support you in getting the most out of your people, providing you with a more cost effective solution, increased business buy-in, and the legacy of an empowered, skilled and motivated internal change capability.

Make 2012 a Leap year for your business.